The Owner

Hey, I am Christian Guilbert and I solve computer problems before they become problems. I'm also the owner/operator of CGuilbert Technologies LLC. 

I've had a natural and intuitive skillset with computers at a very young age. Not only did I learn the technical skills quickly, but to also apply them in practical ways to the countless people I've helped since I was a child. I enjoy figuring out technology and what makes it tick. 

I soon realized no one wants to feel inadequate. Most tech people have attitudes and make you feel dumb for not catching something so "simple". My specialty was happily breaking down what I did in layman’s terms. When you understand what's going on with your tech, that's empowering. 

Now, as a business owner and an IT superhero, I take it to the next level. I get to know my clients personally. They all have met my beautiful wife and four children. This works in my client's favor. I have a better understanding of the kind of person you are and your perspective on things. I use my skills to customize solutions for you based on your business's needs. Then, I present your options in an easy-to-understand way. My goal is to make technology less complicated for you.